How to Store and Preserve Attars for Maximum Longevity

Jul 6, 2024


Many of us wonder how to make our attars and fragrances last as long as possible. The Longevity of Attars can vary due to environmental factors, seasons, and weather conditions. Particularly in summer, we might notice a decrease in how long the scent lasts. To help you enjoy your attars longer, follow these steps:

1- Store in a Cool, Dark Place

Heat and light can damage attars, reducing their scent and lifespan. Keep your attars in a cool, dark place like a drawer, cabinet, or closet, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. This helps preserve their fragrance and prevents the oils from breaking down early.

2- Use Dark-Colored Glass Bottles

Dark-colored glass bottles protect attars from light exposure, which can ruin their quality. If you need to repackage your attars, choose dark-colored glass containers. These bottles limit light penetration, keeping the oils potent for longer.

3- Keep Bottles Tightly Sealed

Air exposure can oxidize and spoil attars, weakening their scent. Always make sure the caps or stoppers on your attar bottles are tightly sealed after each use. This prevents air from getting in and helps maintain the oils' quality and longevity.

4- Avoid Frequent Temperature Changes

Sudden and frequent temperature changes can destabilize attars, causing a loss of fragrance. Store your attars in a place with consistent temperatures, avoiding areas like bathrooms where temperature changes often. This consistency helps keep the attars' original scent.

5- Store Upright

Storing attar bottles upright prevents leaks and ensures the seals stay intact. When bottles are upright, the oils stay in contact with the stopper or cap, reducing the risk of air getting in and maintaining the attar's quality over time. This also helps avoid spills or contamination.

6- Comparison: Home Storage vs. Industrial Storage

When considering how to store attars for maximum longevity, the approach differs between home storage and industrial storage. Here's a comparison of how each can be managed effectively:

  • Storage Environment:

    • Industrial Storage: Utilizes climate-controlled rooms with precise temperature and humidity settings to maintain optimal conditions for attar preservation.
    • Home Basis: Relies on cool, dark spaces such as closets or drawers to protect attars from heat and light exposure, albeit on a smaller scale without advanced climate control.
  • Container Choice:

    • Industrial Storage: Prefers UV-protected glass or stainless steel containers to shield attars from light degradation and ensure long-term quality.
    • Home Basis: Uses dark-colored glass bottles to limit light exposure, offering basic protection against environmental factors but without industrial-grade materials.
  • Sealing and Protection:

    • Industrial Storage: Employs automated systems to maintain airtight seals and prevent air exposure, crucial for preserving attar fragrance and integrity.
    • Home Basis: Relies on manual sealing of attar bottles to minimize oxidation and maintain fragrance potency, suitable for personal use quantities.
  • Temperature Stability:

    • Industrial Storage: Monitors and controls temperature fluctuations rigorously to prevent chemical breakdown and loss of fragrance in attars.
    • Home Basis: Focuses on selecting stable environments away from temperature variations, such as avoiding bathrooms or windowsills.
  • Storage Orientation:

    • Industrial Storage: Stores attar containers upright on specialized racks to prevent leaks and maintain seal integrity under controlled conditions.
    • Home Basis: Stores attar bottles upright to minimize accidental spills and ensure consistent contact between oils and caps or stoppers.


By using these straightforward methods, attar lovers can keep their fragrances fresh and enjoyable for longer. Whether you're safeguarding a beloved collection or aiming to enhance your scent experience, these tips provide practical ways to maintain the beauty and lasting power of attars throughout the year, regardless of the weather.